My First Week in ED 677

Starting new thing would never be easy for me personally. I was thinking, I will be lost in getting started two completely new things, blogging, and equity in connected learning and teaching. Moreover, as a non-native speaker of English, it is going to be more challenging for me starting out my first blog. Nevertheless, It is worth a try. Here is how I start opening my blog with my pursuit of the meaning of equity and some more pieces which push my brain (It is neither hurtful nor bloody) to go a little bit deeper about seeking equity in connected learning and teaching.

  1. I was a little bit confuse with the terms Equality and Equity. Then I tried to find out the exact meaning of equity. I  found a picture which tells me the real meaning of Equity 
  2. Then I tried to find the meaning of connected learning, two familiar words yet became a phrase which sounds new for me. .. Connected Learning, actually . . 
  3. I need to know the basic principles of Connected Learning. They are:
  4.  Why connected Learning is important, Why?
  5. It opens pathways to Equity and Opportunity. It opens pathways to opportunity
  6. An interest that I have as a young person and still until know is to gather with whoever, either the young or adult, in which we can learn new things and it has a positive contribution to our relationship. For example, when I gather with my younger friends, we sometimes plan to cook together in which we learn to practice new recipes. To sit and talk with grandparents which can create bonding between us. All of these seem quite simple, however, there are many positive values we can give and take.
  7. Finally, I feel more ready to delve into the richness of this class. . .

Still a struggling Blogger,



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